The brake is an essential component for the safety of the bicycle. Therefore, the chosen brake should fit the area of use. Basically, VELO DE VILLE bikes are fitted with rim brakes or disc brakes. These differ in their pads, but also in the point at which the braking force is transmitted. A rim brake transmits the power directly to the side of the rim, while the disc brake has its own, smaller rotor on the hub.

  • Magura Disc MT5N/MT4N

    Magura Disc MT5N/MT4N

    The combination of the two Magura brakes significantly increases braking power. At the front, the MT5N uses a hydraulic four-piston brake, which transmits the power in a well-dosed manner and allows a more powerful braking point to be reached. As the weight is directed towards the front wheel during braking, a slightly less powerful brake is needed at the rear, also to prevent the rear wheel from locking. The MT4N as a hydraulic two-piston brake therefore complements the set perfectly.

  • Magura HS11

    Magura HS11

    The hydraulic Magura rim brakes are characterised by high braking performance. Instead of a Bowden cable, you will find mineral oil, which transmits the pressure on the lever blade to the brake pad without loss. This results in a powerful but easily dosed braking feel. Since the oil cannot elongate like the Bowden cable, the brake maintains a constant pressure point. Further advantages are the tool-free pad wear compensation through the Turbo Pad Adjuster (TPA) and the biodegradability of the mineral oil. 

  • Magura HS33

    Magura HS33

    Magura's HS33 offers, in addition to the advantages of the HS11, improved levers which, thanks to their design, achieve an increased braking effect, reduce weight and improve ergonomics. The ideal companion for many uses.

  • Shimano BR-T4000 V-Brake

    Shimano BR-T4000 V-Brake

    A well-tried and tested braking system that saves weight and achieves good braking performance. 

  • Shimano Disc MT200

    Shimano Disc MT200

    This disc brake impresses with solid workmanship and high-quality materials. It benefits from the technical expertise of Shimano. The One-Way-Bleeding bleeding system allows easy maintenance, the grip width of 75 mm is also suitable for smaller hands. Its versatile design suits the numerous bike types and is always a good and inexpensive alternative.

  • Shimano Disc T6000

    With the T6000 you get a brake update, which is worthwhile for more ambitious use, especially for trekking bikes. The brake lever offers a grip width adjustment and a more stable braking force curve. Synthetic resin pistons of BR-M6000 provide reliable deceleration performance, which have been equipped with Ice Technology for optimal thermal management and are also easy to maintain via One-Way bleeding.

  • Shimano Disc T8100 XT

    Shimano Disc T8100 XT

    Depending on the area of use, a much more powerful brake may be needed. Here, the T8100 brake is the first choice, especially when it comes to very mountainous regions with long descents. The XT brake cools discs and pads down significantly. As for the Ice-Tech caliper (2 pistons made of ceramic), it allows controlled braking for all riding styles and ensures optimal heat management. 

  • Shimano Rollerbrake

    The roller brake from Shimano uses an internal system to reliably brake the wheel. The braking power is converted into a drum, which means that weather conditions are negligible. The roller brake is an ideal addition to bicycles that are to be given a Dutch look.